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Interactive Social Media Tags

Interactive Social Media Tags

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Interactive Social Media Tags gloss vinyl decal sticker

Includes one tag, no setup required. Please ensure the username entered is correct as this can't be changed.

Size: 60mm x 60mm.

  • Compatible with all NFC enabled cell phones and devices ( iPhone7- iOS13 and above )
  • Not designed for use on metal surfaces - This can interfere with the tag's electronics and can cause the tag not to work properly.
  • Please apply it to a glass or plastic surface, making sure there is a strong seal around the edges.
  • Please apply in the same way as a normal vinyl ensuring no cleaning products / wax / coating is left on the surface and is dry. This will ensure the best adhesion. As with any other vinyl sticker, please do not aim the jetwash directly on the vinyl when washing.
  • The electronics for the tag are on the back of the vinyl so take care when applying not to damage - we cannot be held responsible.


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